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Book Name: Khonar Bachan (Proverbs of Khana) - Bangla Ebooks Download
বাংলা ইবুক : খনার বচন (ব্যাখা সহ) - কবি খনা (ইপাব, মোবি, পিডিএফ) - পড়ুন 
Author Name:  Khona (Poet)   
Book Category : Bangla Proverb 
Book Publisher:   
Edition: 1st Edition
Book Language: Bengali    
Book Info: 74 Pages, Hardcover,   
EBooks Format:  ePub, Mobi, PDF, Azw3  

Book Review:   
Khonar Bachan (Proverbs of Khana) Bangla PDF Book is a Popular Bengali Book of  Khana and  one of  Popular Book of Bangla Provers (Universal Truth) from Many years. Khana (in Bengali Khona - খনা)  was an Indian poet and legendary astrologer, who composed in the medieval Bengali language between the ninth and 12th centuries AD. According to one account, she lived in the village of Deuli in Barasat in 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Her father is said to have been one Anacharya, and she was a resident in King Chakraketu's monastery for a considerable period. But it is only a legend, which may or may not be true. According to another account, Khana was the daughter of the king of Sinhala (Sri Lanka). She was named Ksana (moment) or Khana because she was born at an auspicious moment. Meanwhile, at the court of Vikramaditya, the wife of the astrologer Varaha had given birth to a boy named Mihir. Her poetry, known as khanar bachan (Proverb of Khona - খনার বচন, Khona's Word) among the earliest compositions in Bengali literature, is known for its agricultural themes. Download Khonar Bochon, Khanar Bachan, Proverb of Khona, Bangla Khonar Bochon PDF Books, Khana's Word in pdf Bangla Book  and  Read Khonar Bachan (Proverbs of Khana) Bangla - Khana's Word, Khonar Bochon Bangla eBooks free Download. - epub, mobi, pdf , azw3 file and Read Online of Khanar Bachon Bangla eBooks. 
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